What to Pack for a Short Bike Ride?

A short cycle tour is an exciting and unknown journey. Ready some contingency tools for an outdoor short ride is necessary to avoid some unexpected situations. Now I’ll talk about how to carry your stuff when cycling close to home or anywhere in the city in this article.


Essential Bike Tools to Carry

1. Multi-purpose tools

Many bikers wouldn’t have been able to assemble the bike in the least without multitool. It can save a big time. Because parts on a bike do not subscribe to conventional tool usage. They have to be all special and complicated and stupid. A multitool helps lessen the special and complicated repair works. It should be included: Allen Keys, Spoke Key, Philips and flat Head screwdrivers, Wrenches. This will already help you solve 80% of your maintenance problems. The MASPODER entry-level multipurpose tool can fully meet the needs of short trips.

2. Tire lever & file

What is the easiest way to take off a bike tire? A pry bar will make it easier to remove a flat tire. Polish the area around the hole with a file to make the patch stick more firmly, it’s easy to use and the adhesion was quick and perfect. No need to heat it up or to press hard on the patch when you find out the leak hole and scratch + glue apply and the patch to finalize it. The MASPODER 3 in 1 tire bar integrates 2 tire bars and files, and the space inside the tire bar also allows you to place a tire patch.


3. Mini Pump for Bike

A compact and easy-to-use pump is the most indispensable part of cycling. It is important to choose a sturdy and durable pump. MASPODER carries out a 100% inspection of every pump produced to ensure high quality. Comes with upgraded material of the pump, the body is made of stainless steel, with high hardness plastic, which works well for various harsh environments.


4. Bicycle Tire Glued Patches

Flat tires can and do happen on bicycle rides. Before you leave on your self-guided bike tour, you should be aware of how to remedy this situation. Get your tire patch ready and you’ll be more at ease.

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