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MASPODER Golf Tees Bamboo


  • Pack of 100, Eco-Friendly Durable Low Resistance Professional Tee System
  • For driving range mat practice driver irons hardwood hitting mat
  • Mixed long large short small high low extra-long medium-small size tall wooden wood
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Choose me, Get More

We MASPODER are committed to providing sports suits that can meet the customer needs with the best quality and price-performance ratio. We own a professional team to conduct product research, optimization, and quality inspection to ensure the best quality. Choose us and you can save time and money with a better experience.

More Environment Friendly

On the golf course, plastic tees can be seen abandoned everywhere on the grass. We should know that these plastic golf tees need about 500 years to be completely decomposed in natural conditions. If you are using the plastic tees now, we strongly recommend that you replace them with those made of green materials. A small bamboo tee can even change the whole world. Use it, make a change!

Better Quality

We specially choose Moso bamboo as the raw material out of many bamboo varieties. It seems to be born for golf tee with the features of sturdiness, durability, and malleability. According to scientific testing, it’s discovered that the bamboo tees have better performance than the wooden ones under the high frequency of golf club swinging. Being made of Moso bamboo, this golf tee has perfect features of striking resistance and sturdiness.

More Sustainable Development

The Moso bamboo grows very fast and it only takes about 10 months to grow up for production, while it will take 5-15 years for the trees to grow up for actual application. And the planting density of Moso bamboo is also greater than that of trees, so more carbon dioxide will be absorbed for more sustainable development.

Golf is booming nowadays, and we hope the public awareness of environmental protection will also be strengthened. Less plastic pollution will make a better future. Join us to use the bamboo golf tees only and leave the clean grass behind. 【Package contains: Golf tees 3 1/4” (83mm) * 40, Golf tees 2 3/4” (70mm) * 40, Golf tees 2 1/8” (54mm) * 20】

As a newly established and growing brand, we always focus on the needs of users and try to seek breakthroughs.
Our professional team will provide the products with the best quality and most satisfactory service for you.

Why no brand is willing to sell high-quality equipment as a package deal?

This question has always troubled him and all his friends. For this reason,
he established this brand and started to solve the problem with his own professional knowledge.

Product Features:
-Standard Top Cup size, which can keep the balance of the golf ball more stable.
-Top cup has a small contact area with the golf ball, which can effectively reduce friction and side rotation to improve the quality of shots.
-Multiple sizes of ball tees are available, Perfect for drivers, irons, hybrids, and woods.

How to choose golf tees?
3 1/4 inch (83mm): For medium-head drivers.
2 3/4 inch (70mm): For small-head drivers.
2 1/8 inch (54mm): For hybrids, fairway woods, and irons.

What is the best teeing height?
Driver: Bottom of ball level with the top of the driver
3-wood: About half to a third of the ball above the top of the clubhead
Other fairway woods and hybrids: About a half-inch of tee above ground
Long to mid-irons: About a quarter-inch of tee above ground
6-iron and shorter: Only the head of tee above ground

Package contains:
Golf tees *100

Package contains: Golf tees 3 1/4” (83mm) * 40, Golf tees 2 3/4” (70mm) * 40, Golf tees 2 1/8” (54mm) * 20

Additional information

Package (mm)

Mixed Size (Golf tees 3 1/4'' (83mm) * 40, Golf tees 2 3/4'' (70mm) * 40, Golf tees 2 1/8'' (54mm) * 20), Golf tees 3 1/4'' (83mm), Golf tees 2 3/4'' (70mm), Golf tees 2 1/8'' (54mm)


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