Bike Spa Day: Your Comprehensive Guide to Lubing Every Bike Component

Lubing up your bike is like giving it a spa day! Skipping this can turn your ride into a noisy, jarring experience. Different parts need different TLC to keep everything running smooth and quiet. Let’s dive into how to slick up different sections of your bike:



Lube Type: Use that special bike chain lube.

Lube Drill:

  1. Get your bike on a stand for easy chain access.
  2. Scrub that chain clean, no gunk allowed.
  3. Drop a few lube drops on every link.
  4. Wipe off excess lube to avoid dirt build-up.


Lube Type: Gear-specific lube, especially on those transmission gears.

Lube Drill:

  1. Spread lube gently on the gears, get each one.
  2. Apply lube using a brush or sponge.

Pedals and Pedal Axle:

Lube Type: Bearing lube or pedal axle lube.

Lube Drill:

  1. Unscrew the pedals.
  2. Lube up the axle or pedal insides.
  3. Pop those pedals back on.

Front Forks and Rear Shock Absorbers:

Lube Type: Special fork lube or oil.

Lube Drill:

  1. Pop your bike on a stand for the right position.
  2. Lube up the sliders and seals for a smooth ride.


Lube Type: Bearing lube or special brake lube.

Lube Drill:

  1. Clean those brake bits, no dirt in sight.
  2. Smoothly apply lube on brake levers, arms, and other parts.

Wheel Axles and Bearings:

Lube Type: Bearing lube.

Lube Drill:

  1. Lift your bike and let those axles spin.
  2. Lube up those axles and bearings for a silky spin.

Adjustable Parts

Lube Stuff: Light machine oil or petroleum-based lube.


Clean: Get those adjustable parts squeaky clean.

Lube: A bit of oil or lube for smooth adjustments.

Remember, lubrication needs to fit your riding style and conditions. Too much lube can attract dirt and cause problems, so stick to the right type and follow manufacturer’s advice. Always clean parts before lubing to keep them pristine.

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