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Brand Story

MASPODER is a new brand that focuses on outdoor sports gear, established by product engineer Wile. Wile loves jogging, fitness, cycling, golf, and other sports. It’s annoying that he was forced to waste a lot of time on checking and confirming the product parameters and remarks every time before purchasing his sports accessories. And he usually needs to buy more than one piece of equipment for his sports hobby, which means he has to pay more.

Why no brand is willing to provide high-quality equipment as a package deal?

This question has always troubled him and all his friends who love outdoor sports. Driven by a mission of looking for a high-quality sports accessories solution, Wile established this brand and started to solve the problem with his own professional knowledge.

Victorio Wile

    Our Mission

    Meeting your needs is always our brand mission. We are a new brand founded in 2019, still constantly evolving. We know clearly from the beginning of our brand: We provide what users want.

    Adhering to the concept of ”users first”, we have built a professional product team, that aims to create more practical and better products. As of March 2022, we have invested over $500,000 in product design, production, and quality control. We value the quality of our products more than anything else. We hope you will like our products after you try them.
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